What does wait trg mean

And I explain that there are various reasons and things that impact your search rankings, including the domain authority and amount of traffic and history you have to your site. In basic terms, if you have had your website and domain live for 10 years, and have seen a steady flow of traffic, compared to a brand new site that has little or no history and traffic, Google realizes that the new site may not be valid, trusted and worthy of presenting itself to its clients you, when you are searching on Google ,thus you will find it much harder to rank than a website that has history and traffic.

When you provide useful content, visitors tend to stay longer on your website to consume the information and therefore increase the dwell time. Based on research over the last couple of years, it appears that content relevant to a given subject or topic that is between 2, — 2, words seems to rank the highest in search engine results. Another reason to create highly useful content is that when visitors bookmark your content on Chrome, it will improve SEO ranking of your website in Google.

Or how about the site finally loads, but then you try to navigate to a new page and it takes forever? A great bounce rate usually falls under 40 and really anything over 70 is considered bad.

Along with with the bounce rate, your dwell time is impacted when the page speed loading is slow. Some things to consider when working on increasing page load speed is using a caching plug-in which will help optimize image sizes so they load faster. In addition, you may want to minimize the number of plug-ins that you are using on the site and try to keep the number of redirects as low as possible.

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Optimizing Your Images On The Website We talked briefly about optimizing your images file format and sizing, but you also want to pay attention to some other details relevant to your images that also play an important role in improving your search rankings. For instance, using keywords for your content for your image file names, making sure the Alt Tags, Title, Description and Captions are correctly named and tagged, you can help signal the relevancy in searches, thus improving rankings.

And besides that, there were no breaks, it was just like a wall of text? There may have been good and valuable content however if the page is not formatted so it is appealing, easy to read and easy to navigate many visitors will simply pass. When you properly format the content on the pages of your website you are helping to improve the reading experience for your visitor, thus keeping them on the site longer.

It makes readers more willing to spend time to read your content and come back for more, which will ultimately signal your relevancy to search engines. So, what does this entail? A good rule of thumb is to add Header Tags into your page format. Header Tags can help break up your content into sections which help the reader identify the specific subject being discussed in that section of the overall page.

Often you will see page owners ask questions in the Header Tags, and then proceed to answer the questions in the following text.

Again, if you keep in mind a basic goal of 2, — 2, words you can start to see the importance of breaking up all of the content into these sections and using Header Tags as basically indicators of the subject matter that is going to be covered in that following section. Proper use of header tags that include keywords also helps improve SEO ranking. Another formatting trick that Google loves is the use of Bullet Points, similar to what I am doing in this blog.

A well-formatted web page usually has one section that uses bullet points in it. To make your content more useful and relevant, you can link out to authority sites for more in-depth information your readers can use.

Linking out to well-respected authority sites will not only increase the relevancy of your content and time readers spend on your site, but it is also believed to send trust signals to Google and improve SEO ranking.

However, more is not necessarily better. We are a big believer that we really never want your visitor to leave your website. Sometimes it may be beneficial at the end of a longer piece of content, or when you are validating something, to offer a strong outbound link to a high-quality, highly-trusted website, but we suggest this tactic is limited if possible. We always suggest that if you do create an outbound link that you make sure that it opens into a new tab on your computer browser, this way your website still remains open to the visitor.

They also act as a signal of quality content to search engines… after all, you have put in the work to make your content look good and interactive! Video marketing has become an increasingly integral element in driving user engagement and conversion. I am not sure what the numbers are but I can imagine if someone is searching on Google and your business is lucky enough or through hard work to be found, and the potential customer clicks on your listing and they get a broken link, they probably are never going to visit your website again.

I doubt they will be searching for your website to find a possible working page following that experience.Posted by Rick Yvanovich on Sat, Sep 8, Ledgers are the backbone of any accounting system. They are the central repository for all accounting data of an organisation and are pivotal to financial reporting.

There are three primary types of ledgers: general ledger, sales ledger accounts receivableand purchase ledger accounts payable. As a result of this multiple-book system, traditional financial management and ERP systems are built upon a modular structure — using three separated standard ledgers general, sales, and purchase. Accounts are reconciled by comparing the entries. Updates are batched from one book to another.

Consequently, reporting and analysis are time-consuming and ineffective. Finance staff still have to spend hours preparing statutory and management reports.

A unified ledger accounting systemon the other hand, uses a single book. All transactional data is put into one table where two entries, a debit and a credit, are made simultaneously. Further, a unified ledger system relies on user-definable analysis codes for the reporting purposes instead of the fixed structure of account codes. Thus, the chart of accounts COA stays simple. A unified ledger system, therefore, represents a quantum leap in accounting software.

It streamlines financial reporting, provides users with real-time visibility into their data, delivers actionable insight, and facilitates collaboration among different branches and locations. Thus, there is an immediate availability for combined unified reporting across all ledgers. As a result of having all ledger data in one place, without having to wait for background processing, you are able to close your books fasterresulting in greater efficiency.

While traditional accounting software uses structured account codes for the purposes of reporting, unified ledger systems use a simple chart of accounts plus a range of user-definable analysis codes that have independent coding structures—much like an OLAP cube. The result is a flexible coding structure that can be configured to meet the needs of every business unit and even refined to capture different additional data, depending on the account or the type of transaction. Coding changes are much simpler, as the system does not rely on generating all the permutations of account and segments which can result in a massive combinatorial explosion.

Users can easily set up whole new analysis dimensions to cater to evolving data needs, for instance, translation of reports from headquarter to local branch account codes and vice versa.

A unified ledger system makes it easy to handle multiple currencies local currency, transaction foreign currency, reporting currency, etc.

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Furthermore, user-definable ledgers can be set up for specific purposes, such as budgeting or alternative treatments. Unified ledger systems have revolutionised how accountants do their work and the way technology empowers the finance function. One prominent example is Infor SunSystems. Its unified ledgers provide users with up to 25 levels of analysis and 5 currencies per transaction. In order to improve the efficiency of its accounting and reporting systems, Astra Life, a leading Indonesia-based insurance provider, upgraded its enterprise financial management solution to Infor SunSystems.

Infor SunSystems has helped Astra Life streamline a number of the processes within its finance and accounting departments. Thanks to Infor SunSystemsthe overall financial reporting cycle time has been reduced to seven days—six days faster than it was before.

This made it significantly less stressful for the company to meet its internal reporting deadline on the fifth of each month and provide reports to the regulators on the tenth of every month. Fast Logics the company name has been changed to maintain confidentiality is a Vietnam-based logistics company.

Since the first days of the company as a startup in the early s, Fast Logics has grown rapidly. It received investment from a major multinational logistics firm.

Fast Logics initially used local software for its simplicity and affordability. It later switched to a more prestigious system used by the mother company.Day trading markets such as stocks, futures, forex, and options have three separate prices that update in real-time when the markets are open: the bid price, the ask price, and the last price.

They provide important and current pricing information for the market in question. The bid price represents the highest priced buy order that's currently available in the market. The difference in price between the bid and ask prices is called the "spread. The last price represents the price at which the last trade occurred. Collectively, these prices let traders know at what points people are willing to buy and sell, and where the most recent transactions occurred. The bid price is the highest price that a trader is willing to pay to go long buy a stock and wait for a higher price at that moment.

Prices can change quickly as investors and traders act across the globe. These actions are called current bids. There's no guarantee when a bid order is placed that the trader placing the bid will receive the number of shares, contracts, or lots that they want.

Each transaction in the market requires a buyer and a seller, so someone must sell to the bidder for the order to be filled and for the buyer to receive the shares. You'll either narrow the bid-ask spread or your order will hit the ask price if you place a bid above the current bid and the trade automatically takes place. The bid-ask spread is the range of the bid price and ask price. A market sell order will execute at the bid price if there is a buyer. As a result, traders have a number of options when it comes to placing orders.

They can place a bid at, below, or above the current bid.

what does wait trg mean

A bid above the current bid may initiate a trade or act to narrow the bid-ask spread. A market order is also an option.

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The ask price is the lowest price someone is willing to sell a stock for at that moment. Similar to all other prices on an exchange, it changes frequently as traders react and make moves. The ask price is a fairly good indicator of a stock's value at a given time, although it can't necessarily be taken as its true value.

Someone must buy from the seller so that orders can be filled. A market order works in this scenario as well. If someone wants to buy right away, they can do so at the current ask price with a market order.

However, this is simply the monetary value of the spread. The bid-ask spread can be measured using ticks and pips—and each market is measured in different increments of ticks and pips. The tick and pip units of measure are established to demonstrate the most basic movements in an investment. In the active futures markets, the tick is used—generally, the spread is one tick. The Forex market uses pips as a unit of measure.

A pip is a. To determine the value of a pip, the volume traded is multiplied by. The spread can act as a transaction cost. Even in an active stock, always buying on the offer means paying a slightly higher price than could be attained if the trader placed a bid at the current price. Similarly, always selling at the bid means a slightly lower sale price than selling at the offer.

The bid and ask are always fluctuating, so it's sometimes worth it to get in or out quickly. At other times, especially when prices are moving slowly, it pays to try to buy at the bid or below, or sell at the ask or higher. The chart updates with each change of the last price. It's possible to base a chart on the bid or ask price as well, however. You can change your chart settings accordingly.

Think in terms of the sale of any other asset.So far, all the players seemed to be willing to wait their turn. And they might not have to wait that long to show their political heft. And as he adjusted to this change in circumstances, he screamed at himself a second time: Wait! In fact, Americans had to wait several hours until film of the event reached New York for it to be broadcast.

The incident sparked his belief in Santa, but he would have to wait nearly two decades before dressing up as Jolly St.

what does wait trg mean

Pending further inquiry they were obliged to wait the conclusion of the expressman's humorous recital. Wait until I get my degree, and the law cases come pouring in on me, with big fees—say, maybe I could give your dad some points! His soldiers broke into cheers, but he sternly stopped them, with the advice to wait till the Hartford was sunk. We must wait we must both wait p-patiently till time has s-softened——'. A moment later she was thankful for the impulse that caused her to wait.

In addition to the idioms beginning with wait. Your vacation will have to wait until next month. Verb Phrases wait onto perform the duties of an attendant or servant for. Chiefly Midland and Southern U.

Also wait upon. Are words your bailiwick? Take the latest quiz on the words from July 6 to July 12 to find out. Idioms for wait lie in waitto wait in ambush: The army lay in wait in the forest. Origin of wait —; v. Wait, tarry imply pausing to linger and thereby putting off further activity until later.The most effective questions require students to consolidate learning and use higher-order critical thinking skills.

Teacher can support these goals in various ways. Practice these strategies with the question stems below, which can be shaped in many ways to your students and their needs.

Remember, effective questioning targets critical thinking, extends discussion, and promotes active student learning. Use this routine to guide questioning.

Provide a piece of chalk or small toy. Pass it to a student, who must answer a provided question.

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The student passes to another student, who also answers the same or a new question, as you direct. Continue to produce quick question answers as time allows. Option: Retrieve the chalk after each question and select the next student yourself. This method allows you to determine who must answer—everyone, specific students, etc. This is a teacher training explanation of the four phases of close reading and how to support them in the classroom.

This routine is not a student behavior routine. This chart describes the basic progress of instruction within close reading. Each phase describes the central understandings towards which instruction should aim. A single lesson might incorporate more than one phase, and a single phase might stretch out over multiple lessons.

Use the information below, and in the right column particularly, to help you implement close reading in the classroom.

Use familiar routines such as Turn and Talk, Stop and Jot to facilitate text-dependent question discussion and other activities. Wheatley proposes these routines strategically, by favoring individual or whole class work during literal reading and collaboration during deeper meaning or other activities.

In addition, lessons allow less time for answering literal questions in order to prioritize deeper analysis. You may vary routines within the TDQs of a lesson, in order to maximize engagement. Use the routines specified in the lesson or exchange for another from those in Annotation and Response, Direct Instruction, Collaborative Work and Discussions, or Effective Questioning.

Some TDQs are structured as selected response questions, in order to provide students with practice in supporting their ideas with textual evidence.

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Use of these questions is discussed in Assessment Routines. Wait time is an important teacher behavior practice for supporting students. Pause for 30 seconds, before providing the correct answer to allow students time to think and respond.

This routine is commonly associated with Socratic seminars but teachers may also use it elsewhere as desired, when students could particularly benefit from deeper analysis. Research pioneered by Dr. Mary Budd Rowe and advanced by Robert J.

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Stahl shows that teachers often provide the correct answer too quickly because everyone is uncomfortable with classroom silence. In fact, students often will reach for the correct answer — and possibly find it — if given time to think and formulate an answer. Try waiting seconds before you offer an answer. You may find students offering higher quality responses and therefore internalizing learning more fully.

After students answer, try waiting another second before you respond to confirm or revise. Students may elaborate and add to their ideas. Allowing a second wait time gives this discussion a chance to develop.

Wait time favors student questioning and discussion over teacher-led instruction and therefore helps support student accountability for learning.

These will often lead to interesting inquiry and new understanding for all students. Listen to student questions, and allow for student-led inquiry, even if it takes class time. Sometimes the most important learning is not about the intended topic.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

Following up from this topic on hereI'm trying to understand what's happening "behind the scenes" from a suggested answer.

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I need a step by step approach on that one if you don't mind. The digit before a redirection symbol is the stream number to redirect. A command can output to multiple streams and it's allowed to redirect each of them to a different destination. So nothing will be outputted. Line 1: delete file and don't show errors. Line 4: hard to tell without seeing rest of script. I don't think the start command was necessary here IMHO.

I would rewrite this script personally to make it easier to understand. Learn more. Asked 6 years, 8 months ago. Active 6 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 37k times. What's happening in this part of the code? Also incorporate a random number. Active Oldest Votes. My explanation: 1. Also, see dostips. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

what does wait trg mean

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Thackeray wait your turn 2 : to delay serving a meal 3 : to serve as waiter for wait tables intransitive verb 1 a : to remain stationary in readiness or expectation wait for a train b : to pause for another to catch up — usually used with up 2 a : to look forward expectantly just waiting to see his rival lose b : to hold back expectantly waiting for a chance to strike 3 : to serve at meals — usually used in such phrases as wait on tables or wait on table 4 a : to be ready and available slippers waiting by the bed b : to remain temporarily neglected or unrealized the chores can wait 5 : pausestop — used to preface an interjected question, correction, etc.

What did you say? Handbook writers universally denigrate wait on and prescribe wait for in writing. Our evidence from printed sources does not show a regional preference; it does show that the handbooks' advice is not based on current usage.

White the staggering bill that waited on them at the white commissary downtown — Maya Angelou One reason for the continuing use of wait on may lie in its being able to suggest protracted or irritating waits better than wait for.

Lindbergh the boredom of black Africans sitting there, waiting on the whims of a colonial bureaucracy — Vincent Canby doesn't care to sit around waiting on a House that's virtually paralyzed — Glenn A. Briere Wait on is less common than wait forbut if it seems natural, there is no reason to avoid it.

Examples of wait in a Sentence Verb I hate waiting in long lines. They waited at the train station together. You should have waited a little longer. He showed up right after you left. I don't have time to wait around. If he's not here in five minutes, I'm leaving. She waited behind after class to talk to the professor. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. How may I help you? I waited and waited but he never showed up.

Don't start the engine yet. We waited for the sun to set before starting the fire. I know she was happy when I lost my job. She was waiting to see me fail. Government subsidies are making it worse. You can now get wedding-ready masks online," 26 June Every day is focused on survival—what has to get done and what can wait. Send us feedback.

See more words from the same century Dictionary Entries near wait waistless waistline waist sheet wait wait-a-bit Waitakere Waitaki. Accessed 14 Jul.

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Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for wait wait. Entry 1 of 2 : to stay in a place until an expected event happens, until someone arrives, until it is your turn to do something, etc. Entry 1 of 2 1 : to stay in a place looking forward to something that is expected to happen Denmark's fishermen didn't wait for sunny days to take their boats out … — Lois Lowry, Number the Stars 2 : to stop moving or doing something Wait at the door.

Wait a second—I have a better idea.